Friday, June 17, 2022

Dominant Fury

 Hi again,

well... here goes another song: "Dominant Fury" is a 3 min long cinematic orchestral song. It features a calm first half section and an epic second half. It has some Middle East flavor, as it was created to be used in the premiere of the Digital Combat Simulator Campaign "Raven One: Dominant Fury", which takes place in that part of the World. 

The campaign was created by Baltic Dragon and is based on the book trilogy "Raven One" by Kevin Miller. This new campaign is a prequel of the successful DCS "Raven One" campaign, also by Baltic Dragon. 

Baltic Dragon provided some guidelines about what kind of song he had in mind and gave me feedback during the creation process of the song. This is the result:

This is the audio version:


The song was featured for the first time on this preview video of the "Raven One: Dominant Fury" campaign:

 It also appears at the end of Air Combat Sim Podcast Ep. 30, where the campaign was previewed:  


Days later the official trailer of the campaign was released, featuring the whole song:


 It also appeared in the campaign's quick guide video:

Hope you like it :)

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