Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yes, it's finished!

Hi once more,

I've been quite busy during the last months on the new house, but I've found time to still doing other things. One of them finishing the Aston Martin DB4 Zagato for the HistorX mod.

Well, may be is not 100% finished, as some details have to be improved, but I can say that its currect status will be very similar to what you will find once this one is released,that's for sure :)

As I usually do, I've used this personal project to learn now things about modeling, etc. I wanted to have a lot of detachable parts on this car. But that put a big problem on my work table: if i want to have a detachable hood i should be able to put something below as having a hole where the nice Aston engine was expected to be found be wouldn't look that good...

I searched on the Net, but there weren't any proper pics to be used so... what's the solution? as always, if you can find it done just do it by your self!

So, using some pics as reference I created something to be put on that hole, as you see in these two pics.
Yes, materials look a bit rough, but more detail wasn't really necessary as I only needed that engine to get some credible renders so i could put a low poly version of it in the car (the engine itself got as many polygons as the full body of the car!).

So, i just created a box and mapped the renders of the engine on it, so in game you can see something similar but with less detail, of course.

Ok so now i had that hole filled so was time to move on, basically to finish both left and right hand drive versions of the car, as well as to prepare the spinner hi poly versions of them.

These two versions aren't just mirrors of the same model, but have different elements. The RHD version was developed to look more like a racing car, while the LHD was developed to look more like a street version.
So, and to stop my usual long writings here are two pics illustrating the current look of both LHD and RHD versions (including hi poly spinner models):

Hope you like it!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Looking for some of my music?

In the case you want to listen/download some of my music take a look to the menu located on the right section of this page. There you have an embedded player which will allow you to listen some of them.

You may always visit my music section also, where apart of listening these songs also, you may find more information about these songs, fans' comments, etc. some of them being in the top charts of Soundclick. com since they were released. More than 35000 users have listened them so far!

In the posts' archive of this blog you'll also find some information about the method and tools I use to create music. Take a look to 2005's.

Hope you like it! Don't forget to leave some comments, even if you you don't ;)


Monday, January 04, 2010

A little update about what's going on

Hi there!

yes, i know I wrote my last post time a go. Time passes fast as hell, that's for sure! The lack of activity here has been replaced by thousands of posts on different forums (and I mean that) and some writing in the cheesy Facebook (which lose interest for me each day, as in the end it's becoming just a tool to feed the gossip side of many people), no need to talk about some important changes regarding real life.

But apart of that I haven't been idle at all.

In the last months I've been improving my 3D modeling and painting skills a lot, which is my main creative activity right now. Being part of HistorX modding team is an exciting and addictive activity, not only by the artistic challenge of creating the virtual version of such wonderful classic cars but for the people I've met doing it. No need to say about how glad I'm seeying that even after so many months we still have new users being added to the thousands who consider this one of the best mods available.

In this moment I'm finishing the beautiful Aston Martin DB4 Zagato.

I started with the cockpit view, and first was the turn of the left hand drive version (LHD), which was modeled by Grasshopper, another HistorX's member. Then I improved it and created additional 3D elements (like the steering wheel, buttons, etc), as well as all the textures.

After that one It was the turn of the right hand drive version, which I'm trying to finish now, so stills being in "work in progress" status. As you can see it looks like a racing version, while the LHD looks closer to a street version.

During the past months I've finished other models also, like the Porsche 904 GTS and the Ferrari 250 GTO. And much more are on the way also, but that's something I'll left for future posts :)

Anyway, having 3D knowledge is handy indeed. Having bought a new flat now we're in the process of reforming it. And having the possibility of seeing how it would look in advance has a lot of advantages, as you may imagine.

And if you're wondering if I've been composing music lately, I have to admit that composition has been put on stand-by mode for some time. Despite I still like a lot to compose I'm now focused in other artistic activities, as you've seen, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested about music anymore. I still playing quite often, and still having fun doing it, so there's nothing to be worried at all really, as I may come back eventually.

Well, time to go back to real life. Hopefully the next post will arrive sooner than this one :)