Sunday, September 29, 2019

Summer is over, but we keep the summer mood on with this new song!

Hi all,

yeah, well... Summer is over. We're back at work and the rest of our daily routine. But this last song I've published kinds of keeps the happy mood of the Summer on!

Meant to be used in a podcast episode out of the "aircraft series", the goal was to create a more festive song. But it couldn't go "full party mode", it had to have a quick pace to fit the opening of the episode while keeping it tamed and with a happy mood. So, what came out was a straight and simple rock song, even with pop touches (that drum pattern is anything but used on metal).

The song was released on September 22th 2019, as the "Cargo song" featured on the C-2 Grayhound episode, but was created, recorded and mixed during early August. If case you want to listen the podcast episode where it was featured just click HERE. Hope you enjoy the song! :)