Monday, August 01, 2016

An old friend is back

Well, once again too much time passed between posts.. sorry!

The reason I've decided to write this post is to say thanks. I have found in YouTube a lot of uploads of the music I originally made for Forgotten Hope. I can't deny it has been a nice surprise.. I'm really glad to see people did enjoy it that much and stills do it today. I even found a video of a guy doing a cover of one of my songs. Seriously, how cool is that? :)

But that shown me that my music is not accessible enough for those interested about finding it. Yes, it has been always available at my Soundclick page. But I have decided to make that easier for them uploading my songs to my YouTube channel. The first one is an old friend of those who played (or play today) Forgotten Hope: "Forgotten Hope theme", which I did available today.

Thanks to all of you who liked my music enough to take the time to upload it to YouTube before so others can enjoy it. And thanks also to those who left nice comments about it too :)

I'll finish this short post saying that I'm still working in a new orchestral song. I have created several songs after the ones I did for Forgotten Hope, but not war themed. So after finding these videos in YouTube I thought it would be nice creating a new one. I'll keep you updated about my progress :)

Kindest regards