Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Xmas and... a new song!


first of all, Merry Xmas. Finally I finished 'Flying high', the rock song I was working on during the last weeks (may be you heared the sample I posted some weeks a go in my music section).

In the beggining this was planned to be a metal/industrial song (to be part of a extreme sports DVD), but during the composition/recording of the song it turned to a hard rock song with a clear 80s/90s guitarrist song style.

Some changes in the mixing are needed, but it's not an early version anymore. as always, you can listen/download it from here. It's the second one beggining from bottom of the page. Go there and press the 'Hi-Fi' link.

I hope you like it!

Be careful, and don't eat/drink too much during this holidays! :-)

Best regards