Sunday, August 25, 2019

Back from holidays and new song!

Hi again folks,

summer holidays are almost over for me. Just came back from a couple of weeks of relax away from the city, but before leaving I left one song ready to be released (well, it was more than one, but the rest will be released later). As always it's a one minute long metal song. But that's what bumper music for fighter pilots' podcast is all about, isn't it? :)

If you want to check the podcast episode where this song has been featured click HERE. The episode is also available on all big streaming platforms, including Spotify and YouTube.

During this two weeks of holidays I've been playing guitar around 6 hours a day, so expect to have new songs comming soon ;)

I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer. I'll be back soon, that's for sure...

Enjoy the song!