Sunday, October 08, 2006

Some surprises after a long time!


some months have passed since my last post, so I think I have to pay you for the long waiting...

This summer I've been in Northern France, visiting Normandy and a lot of WWII places, and I have come back with a lot of books, souvenirs, pics, etc. which will help me to get into more WWII taste compositions.

(Don't worry, I suppose I'll post some pics/things here when I get some free time in order to share that experience with all of you) :-)

But I have to admit that I'm a bit dissapointed with FH, because they seem to not be very interested to have somebody doing music for them. Or I have to say: having me doing music for them ;-) It's being really hard, because they don't want 'war film music' in their mod. They seem to prefer some old WWII music.

This music it's fine (I really like it) but I thing most of it isn't very epic, etc. and I think it's very important to emphasize the meaning of all that effort done to get a free world. All the suffering and pain. And I think most of those songs don't have that feeling.

This differences has 'forced' me to forget a bit my own composing style and work in the creation of some cover of these old war songs, as I wrote in my previous post.

But every day I lose interest on that, because I think I should follow my own way due I'm not part of FH team indeed. And that's despite I've heard some 'If we like the next one you'll join' song after song...

So, I'm not angry with them (I still thinking they are doing a great job with the mod, and I still loving it), of course, but I have other interesting proyects on mind.

For example, the "No Fear extreme sports" guys who chose my WWII to be part of their amazing "The great outdoors: The constant war" have contacted me again asking for some rock/metal stuff. I have been playing electric guitar for almost fifteen years and I've played in a heavy metal band, as well as I've been guitar teacher, and it looked a good moment to put some effort to create some rock guitar tune after so many years.

As result of it, I'm working in 'Flying high'. Is not as metal as I'd want, and it's in a very early stage (only some guitar ideas), but I must admit it's being very funny to see how easy is to create a recording studio at home today and record some rock song.

So, I invite you to go to my music's section to hear this song, as well as some WWII demo songs I've been working in the last months.

Please, take in mind all of that stuff are demos and a lot of work stills being necessary to complete them.

Hope you enjoy all of them. And please, give me some feedback!

See you soon here!