Sunday, January 16, 2022

Happy new 2022 and a new song!

 Hi again folks!

so, 2021 has passed and we have a brand new year to waste. And with it comes a new song! The Fighter Pilot Podcast requested a new song to be used as theme for the whole 2022 year. Once again it had to be a metal song, so that is what I created!

The final version wasn't the usual song though. It had been created to be easily editable by the podcast production team so it could be cut or looped to created the bumper of each episode depending on the needed lenght. Thus it had a long 45 sec loopable intro, followed by two different sections separated by a few seconds so the trails of the first one didn't overlap the second section and they could be used independently or merged, depending on the needs.

Once finished I created this edited version which you may consider a "normal" song. Anyway, here it is:

Hope you like it. As always, take care out there and see you here again soon!