Thursday, September 20, 2012

Historic GT & Touring Cars v1.95 released!

Hi again!

this post arrives with a bit of delay, as our last version of Historic GT & Touring cars (designated as v1.95) was released at the end of July.

It included tons of improvements and fixes, and a new car: the Chevrolet Camaro Chaparral 70' (for a complete list of changes you may want to check the change log of that version), and after five years working on this mod we're quite happy right now with it.

So v1.95 is meant to be the last version of this mod using rFactor as game engine. We've already ported some of our cars to the rFactor2 platform to start learning what it could offer as game engine, and the results are very promising. Personally I think rF2 is the obvious choice when it comes to modding a racing simulator, so I even did a new user user interface for what we could name HistorX 2.0 (which remains unknown for the public right now). But anyway right now it's time for us as a team to decide what it's going to come next.

Creating a mod is not an easy task, so to do it properly it requires planning, getting resources, etc. But even more important you need a clear goal. And no matter how much time it could take to decide about that I really think we have to focus on that before starting to invest a serious number of manhours on our next project.

In the meanwhile, and as I wrote before, I've found again the joy of composing music. So until more news about HistorX are worth to be shared you may expect some new songs to here :)

That's all for the moment! Enjoy your day!