Thursday, July 24, 2008

Historic GT & Touring cars mod success and a new project

Welcome back!

the release of Historic GT & Touring cars mod for rFactor (the last project I'm involved) on 23th June has been a total success!

With thousands of downloads we got a rFactorCentral's "Hall of Fame" award in less than 24 hours, and due the amount of community votes and their rating we're on 7th position :)

We got our own section at RaceSimCentral also, and the support to our project there, as well as other community sites has been huge.

There're a lot of online servers running the mod too, so is very easy to join an online race to get some fun with a lot of guys.

Even more, the guys of SimRacingTonight created an special program with the preview of the mod.

(If you prefer the HIGH QUALITY version of the video CLICK HERE)

After a short break due summer holidays the project will continue, and in the future we'll release new cars, as well as some fixes to the issues which have been reported.

You will find more information about this project at our official site, as well as at RaceSimCentral and rFactorCentral.

Apart of that, due that the work i did with the user interface of the mod I'm close to get involved on another simracing project developed by an american company. Once we agree the conditions of the contract I'll talk a bit more about this new project. Anyway, here you have a little video showing part of the work I did with that user interface.

Come back soon to know more about these projects and more. As you see I haven't been very active lately as music composer, but probably I'll go back to that soon, as I'm starting to miss it also!

Hope you have a good summer!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Again on Strategic command series and new projects on the horizon

Hi all,

as you can see I'm quite busy lately, so I'm not posting that much.

Again, my music will appear on Strategic Command series. This time in other expansion. I've very happy of this, as you can imagine.

During the last year I've been focused on the Historic GT & Touring cars for rFactor project, so I haven't composed a lot, but I really miss it, so probably I'll try to get some time to go back to it.

Anyway, thanks to the things I'm doing in the Historic GT project I'm receiving some offers from game developers to join them to work on some projects. As you imagine I'm glad to have such opportunity and I'm looking forward to it.

So, I don't know really if I'll get a spot to work seriously on music again in the next months.

Well, time will tell... But it's always nice to see that hard work and perseverance usually have good results :)