Sunday, April 12, 2020

Eat 'Em All!!

Hi there,

first of all I hope you all are doing well. COVID19 is hitting hard around the globe and sadly is taking a high toll, mostly but not only on elderly people.

I've been in lockdown at home for more than a month now, and it seems it will last at least a few weeks more. I'm not bored by any means, because working from home and taking care of everything else keeps me busy most of the day. But I'm speding all the time I can working on my music. And that helps a lot about staying positive and enjoying these uncertain times we're living.

Among other things I'm revisiting a lot of music I've been recording in the past. Not sure about how many, but I think I have hundreds of not-finished songs or song ideas recorded, but I'm trying to focus mostly on the ones I created in the last couple of years.

This little Old school thrash metal song is one of these. It's a little homage to the sound of the first record released in 1983 by the most famous metal band out there (so far).

I composed it back in August 2019, but didn't have the time to record it again  and mix it until now. It's mostly a "tone demo", and that is why is that short... Hope you enjoy it!:

Take care of yourself and your close ones. And use well the lockdown time ;)