Saturday, September 17, 2005

Forgotten Hope mod has choosen my music!

I'm proud to announce...

the impressive Forgotten Hope mod is going to include my song 'Entering Battle' as menu music, and 'Entering Battle reprise' as loading map screen music!

I've been an active FH player & forum member since 2003, and during this time I've been trying to convince FH dev team to get original music for this great mod.

When I composed 'Forgotten Hope theme' in the begining of 2004, FH community congratulated me for that inspired & epic song. But some of them suggested it wasn't enough powerful to be used as song before joining the battle.

The 'honour & sadness' taste of the melody doesn't fit very well as combat tune, so I decided to create a new one. The name was clear from the begining: 'Entering Battle'.

After tons of hours of work I shown the song to some FH dev team members, and they liked it a lot. A thousand of versions later and a couple of polls in FH private team forums, Lobo, FH team leader, wrote me: "we're going to use some of your songs in FH".

Great!! It'll be included with the 0.7 FH release, the last planned version of FH using the outdated Battlefield 1942 engine. The next one will use the new Battlefield 2 engine.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My music as part of a movie? Yeah!

Sounds great, isn't it? :)

Today I've received an email. A independent film director has asked me if he could use my music in a WWII film he is doing.

It's a low cost movie which will be shown in the Sundance film festival, probably out of the competition, but to me that's great! I know Sundance festival and It'd be fabulous to listen my music in a movie shown there.

He has sent me an email full of nice words about my work, so I'm very, very happy. He wants to use 'Entering battle' and Forgotten Hope theme.

But before give him permission to use my music I want to know a bit more about the rights of my music when the film be released.

Anyway, that's great news!!

I'll give you more info about this soon ;)