Wednesday, December 12, 2007

News about my music and simracing

Hi there!

yep, I'm still alive! :)

I haven't posted a lot in the last months, but that doesn't mean I've been idle. A lot of new things came to my life, in form of new projects or interest.

If you came here to know more about my music I have some news:

"Strategic Command 2: Weapons & warfare expansion" for SC2 was released in the last days of November. In that turn based strategic WWII game you'll find some of my WWII songs. If you like that game genre probably you'll love this game ;)

For those of you than don't believe that, take a look to this pic :)

Apart of that, a couple of weeks a go I received an offer to compose the full soundtrack of a new movie. I can't give you much more details of that for the moment, as I'm waiting for more info about the script, etc. and I haven't decide yet If I'll get involved in that project or not. Anyway, a great new, at least for me, hehe.

Following with this WWII games, don't forget to take a look to the release of Forgotten Hope 2.

This amazing Battlefield 2 WWII modification, which first version for the old Battlefield 1942 already included some of my songs, is going to be revolutionary, so If i were you I'll start downloading as soon as it's released tomorrow! :)

But I've been focused lately in other kind of things. Mainly in simracing. About that, I'm the coordinator of the 'Historic GT & Touring car' mod for rFactor

We're developing a huge mod for that racing simulator, focused on classic GT cars of 60s-70s. Realistic physics, gorgeous graphics and sounds and much more features (many of them still being kept in secret, hehe) make this mod one of the most desired in the rFactor community.

I invite you to learn a bit more about this simracing thing. It's a real cool hobby that let you experiment a lot of (virtual) speed and excitement safely, racing against other simracers spread around the world :)

Just an example: in our modding team there're people from all around the world, with ages from 15 years old to men in theirs 50's who own or have driven (even in races) some of these classic cars, working together in this thing. So it's really a good way to do new friends with similar interests ;)

Take a look about this video I made, where you can see my simracing hardware, as well as the main simracing titles I play.

About the new style of this site and my own 'corporative image' I've delayed it for a while, until I get a bit of free time to organize it.

I'll be back soon, with more info with my music, as well as other things. In the meanwhile take care, and don't forget to come back again ;)

Kindest regards