Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Talk To Me, Goose!

 Hi again,

yep, I know, I know... I just released a new song. But here goes a new one!

"Top Gun: Maverick", the sequel of the movie "Top Gun", has been premiered a few days ago and it's going to be available for the general public in a few weeks.

Being the original movie an icon of the 80s, and the premiere of "Maverick" having being delayed for two years due the COVID-19 pandemic the hype has been pretty high about this one.

The Fighter Pilot Podcast is going to release a series focusing in the US Navy Top Gun weapon school, and they needed a song to fit the theme. After some demos I decided to do a partial cover of the original Top Gun Anthem, changing it a bit, most notably adding a new original section at the end (which can't be heard in the version used in the podcast).

Here it goes, I hope you like it :)

Best regards

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