Saturday, January 07, 2023

Happy 2023 and a new song!

 Hi again folks,

first of all: Happy New Year to you all!! 

Oh God...Another year has passed... but I guess that's always good :) So long 2022, and welcome 2023! Yes, I know: the World has gone completely nuts during 2022, hasn't it? But hey, there's always space for hope, right? So let's wish this brand new 2023 brings some sense and good stuff.

So... here is my little contribution to that! "The Fighter Pilot Podcast" has decided to jump from the audio realm to full video glory on YouTube, and the guys needed a new theme for the show. So here it goes: this new song is call "Firewall":


The song started as a 10 sec hard-rock jingle as requested by the team. But I thought it was a pity to leave it like that, so I created a longer version of it that might be considered as a song. It has a "80's guitar hero" intro section which evolves into a hard-rock theme similar to the ones you probably associate now with the show.

Here you can watch the video where it has been used for first time:

As always, I've also uploaded the audio version:

Hope you like it! :)


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