Thursday, November 24, 2005

My music as part of a documentary!!

Hi again folks!

another great surprise! Some days ago I received three emails and a post in my Soundclick's message board asking permission to use my music in a DVD documentary which will be sold in NoFear stores worldwide!

This time, the theme is not WWII, because the DVD is about motocross. The title is 'The constant war', and such title and the DVD cover shows a military taste, so I suppose the music will fit well (otherwise these guys weren't interested in use it, hehe). You can find a trailer and more info about this DVD here.

Here is part of one of these emails:

Hi Rantam
Your music is amazing. Very epic, very impressive.
I'm curious to find out about your means of composing such well-produced songs.

I've actually sent you an email and was wondering if you received it. I'm a producer/music supervisor from a film/tv production company( that produces extreme sports documentaries. We love your music and want to use "Entering Battle" and "Forgotten Hope" in an upcoming low-budget documentary on the sport of motocross. The documentary will be sold in NoFear stores worldwide.


It's great to know so much people really like my work!! Let's see if they use my music finally, because they are going to release this DVD in 05' Nov and may be I've answered a bit late to their e-mail.

Ok, and finally I'd like to give you some information about the incoming 'My way to create music' thing. I don't like to call it tutorial or howto, because I'm not trying to teach you anything. It only describes my way to create music and some comments and ideas which may be can be useful to some of you.

This document is getting bigger and more complex every day, so I'm going to split it in several chapters. My idea is to release the introduction (really short) and may be the first chapter this week.

It's being a hard week, but I'll try to do it ;-)

Thanks for your attention, see ya here very soon!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rantam; I'm happy for you. Kisses.