Friday, October 28, 2005


Welcome back!

Today, October 28th, the new update of Forgotten Hope mod will be ready to be played! This version (0.7) includes a lot of new features which confirm this mod as the best mod for the old EA's Battlefield 1942 game.

If you don't know anything about this mod you can download this amazing video released to present the 0.7 version. ¡¡You'll love it!!

As I've said before here, two of my songs have been included in this new release, as menu music and loading map music. I hope you like it FH fan! and please give me some feedback in the FH forums if you like or dislike it ;)

You can listen my music for free going to 'Stream or download my music' and pressing the link 'Hi-Fi' or 'Lo-Fi' in each song. You can download the mp3 too if you want, but you'll need to create an account in my music host (is free and fast to do). In the next days I'll try to get a free to download the mp3 versions directly.

See ya soon!

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