Sunday, April 12, 2020

Eat 'Em All!!

Hi there,

first of all I hope you all are doing well. COVID19 is hitting hard around the globe and sadly is taking a high toll, mostly but not only on elderly people.

I've been in lockdown at home for more than a month now, and it seems it will last at least a few weeks more. I'm not bored by any means, because working from home and taking care of everything else keeps me busy most of the day. But I'm speding all the time I can working on my music. And that helps a lot about staying positive and enjoying these uncertain times we're living.

Among other things I'm revisiting a lot of music I've been recording in the past. Not sure about how many, but I think I have hundreds of not-finished songs or song ideas recorded, but I'm trying to focus mostly on the ones I created in the last couple of years.

This little Old school thrash metal song is one of these. It's a little homage to the sound of the first record released in 1983 by the most famous metal band out there (so far).

I composed it back in August 2019, but didn't have the time to record it again  and mix it until now. It's mostly a "tone demo", and that is why is that short... Hope you enjoy it!:

Take care of yourself and your close ones. And use well the lockdown time ;)

Monday, February 10, 2020

A new decade, a new podcast and more rock!

Hi folks!

Xmas is already over and we're well into 2020 at this point. With the new year and decade comes a new song for a new podcast: the Air Combat Sim Podcast.

Despite is different to the Fighter Pilot Podcast this one is also focused around combat airplanes, but from a different perspective: PC combat flight simulator, as DCS, IL2 and the likes.

The team behind it requested me a rock song to be used as main theme and I came up with this idea after several tries. It sounds like a 80s guitar hero song, as that is what comes to my mind when I think about that kind of thing (yep, I grew up watching those cheesy 80s air combat movies...)

Hope you like it! :)

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Xmas is almost here, so let's drop some bombs!

Hi again!

December is "Bomber month" on The Fighter Pilot Podcast, and for this mini series I was asked to create a specific theme.

Being bombers not particularly fast or agile I had to create something resembling that. So, some old school heavy music was needed.

I was playing guitar in my parents' garage back in the 90s when I came up with a riff that was that kind of thing. Despite I didn't intend to do such thing it sounded (to me at least) like Black Sabbath. I remember recording it on cassette with a friend playing some home made drums (don't ask) and it sounded great on that big space, reverberating from wall to wall, which contributed to make it sound even heavier.

When I was requested to create the bombers' month song I remembered that riff, and thought it would make the trick as bomber themed song. So, I recorded and mixed it trying to sound similar to the earliest Black Sabbath albums of the 70s.

The overall recording, mixing and mastering process tries to bring that vintage sound back too: how instruments sit on the stereo spectrum, the tape noise, etc. Is my personal XXI century homage to that sound!

The guitar, which uses the Laney amp model Tony Iommi used back then, is doubled and panned to the right, while a saturated bass is panned to the left. The guitars' reverb is panned to the left too to create a wider guitar sound, which was a mixing trick used back in those days.

I kept a heavy sound for the drums with a lot of reverb also. No fancy playing, just "caveman" playing and fills.

The song was used for first time on the first episode of the Bomber series: The B-17 Flying Fortress.

Anyway, hope you like it!

If you want to listen the full episode click HERE.

Kindest regards

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Summer is over, but we keep the summer mood on with this new song!

Hi all,

yeah, well... Summer is over. We're back at work and the rest of our daily routine. But this last song I've published kinds of keeps the happy mood of the Summer on!

Meant to be used in a podcast episode out of the "aircraft series", the goal was to create a more festive song. But it couldn't go "full party mode", it had to have a quick pace to fit the opening of the episode while keeping it tamed and with a happy mood. So, what came out was a straight and simple rock song, even with pop touches (that drum pattern is anything but used on metal).

The song was released on September 22th 2019, as the "Cargo song" featured on the C-2 Grayhound episode, but was created, recorded and mixed during early August. If case you want to listen the podcast episode where it was featured just click HERE. Hope you enjoy the song! :)

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Back from holidays and new song!

Hi again folks,

summer holidays are almost over for me. Just came back from a couple of weeks of relax away from the city, but before leaving I left one song ready to be released (well, it was more than one, but the rest will be released later). As always it's a one minute long metal song. But that's what bumper music for fighter pilots' podcast is all about, isn't it? :)

If you want to check the podcast episode where this song has been featured click HERE. The episode is also available on all big streaming platforms, including Spotify and YouTube.

During this two weeks of holidays I've been playing guitar around 6 hours a day, so expect to have new songs comming soon ;)

I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer. I'll be back soon, that's for sure...

Enjoy the song!