Sunday, October 09, 2005

Greetins from musician of famous game 'Commandos'

Great news!

Eduardo de la Iglesia, musician involved in the development of the famous games saga 'Commandos', and the incoming 'Lord of the Creatures' game, has writen a nice post in my Soundclick's message board:

' Hi Rantam!!
WOW!!! What 3 songs!! Sounds Really, really fine!!! This themes should be on the "Medal of Honor" Videogame!!
Sounds REally nice. Very good compositions and nice orchestral sounds!!!
Keep the good work!!

Thanks mate! I'm glad to read this comming from somebody like you! :)


Carl F. King said...

Nice creative blog, keep up the good work!
Carl King

Rantam said...

Thanks mate. I'm glad to see you liked it!

May it won't be updated daily, because I can't release a new song every day! But I'll try to do it often :-)