Sunday, November 27, 2005

My way to create music: Intro

Welcome back,

During the next days I'm going to share with you my way to create music. For some of you may be this isn't interesting, but for other it'll be at least curious, and may be for somebody it'll be useful.

I'm going to split this 'how I create my music' in chapters. The idea is to get into the creation process so I won't focus a lot in technical aspects. Anyway, I can't ignore the need of use tools to convert an initial idea in something more real, so the fist part of this thing will be focused in the tools you need. You can find thousands of websites which contain information about music theory, MIDI, samples, effects or mixing if you need more information about this.

As you know, there're a lot of music styles: pop, rock, folk, dance, hip-hop, classical and hundreds more. I'll focus this document in how to create classical compositions or orchestral arrangements, but most of the ideas of this document can be applied to other styles.

In the other hand, creating classical music with a computer has limitations. Is important to know what limitations you have, otherwise you can get frustrated very soon.

The more evident is the hardest one: to get your music sounds as it were played by a real orchestra. But we'll talk about this later. Now let's go with some useful tools: the hardware!

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