Friday, February 01, 2019

Two new songs for the start of the new year!

Hi everyone, and Happy New Year even if January just passed!

so... yes, this should have been published at the begining of January, but sadly I've been too busy to do it until now. Sorry!

The thing is that after I had a videocall with Vincent regarding what's coming on '19 for the Fighter Pilot Podcast it became clear that this year's schedule was going to be even tighter in terms of music needs, so I had to start working on new stuff right away before even posting here what I've had been doing during December.

Anyway, during December I was working on two different songs:

  1. The first one was the "UFO song". This song appeared for first time on episode 35th (January 2nd), which featured an interview with a retired fighter pilot who had an encounter with an UFO during a training mission back in 2004. The events that unfolded then are well documented so you can read and watch videos about it all over the Internet.

    Going back to the music the idea was having a song that could fit on that theme. Besides it should have an intro section which allowed to introduce the event and create some atmosphere. Thinking about it I thought it would be cool to have a synthwave style song for this one. I've been listening a bit of that music lately and I think it fits the UFO theme quite well (may be because I grew up during the 80s and there was all this "E.T", "Third phase encounters", etc. all over the place at that time.

    I only had a few days to create this one so it's not that polished, but considering the time I had I think It didn't turn that bad.

    The full episode can be listened here (is also available on Spotify, iTunes, etc):
  2.  The second song is what we've called "the jingle". The idea here was having a light piece of music that could be used to play in the background while announcing sponsors on the show. Vincent sent me an example of the kind of song he'd like to have and I ended up creating this kind of bluesy song, featuring a lead Hammond organ and a blues guitar on different parts of the song.

    The song appeared for first time at the begining of episode 35 also:
 I hope you like both songs. Rock on!

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