Saturday, February 02, 2019

Back to composing orchestral music. Well, kind of...

Ahoy friends,

so, next song on the "To-Do" list was an aircraft figher dedicated song. But putting it short, after I finished it Vincent thought it would probably fit better as music for other kind of aircraft. I'll talk you a bit more about that song very soon, as will be used in an episode which will be available probably later this month.

Anyway... Let's back to the song I was actually going to talk about, shall we? It's the "Antisubmarine aircraft" song. Thing is: the next podcast episode on the list was going to be focused on the S-3 Viking, an antisubmarine aircraft, so I was asked to create something that could fit there. Kindly enough Vincent suggested me to go towards the kind of music you can hear on submarine movies like "The Hunt for Red October" or "Crimson Tide".

Frankly this was unexpected. Until now Vincent always wanted to have rock songs for the podcast, but the soundtracks of these movies were orchestral. Not that I had a problem with that... actually it was quite the opposite! I was really happy to have the chance to visit again the kind of music I created for games and documentaries in the past!

Is worth saying Vincent pointed out also that he'd like to have a more punchy section during that song, and I imagined he'd like to have some rock there, so I focused on trying to blend both things in the same song.

Thus I decided to create two demos: the first one was basically orchestral, while the other one had a lead guitar with the orchestra supporting it on the background. As I anticipated Vincent prefered the second one. From that point the song evolved into a full "guitar hero" song, but I really had problems fitting the orchestral section among the drums, guitars and bass.

By the time I finished the song I got two different versions: on the first one the orchestra followed the chords of the rhythm guitars. The second one had an orchestra that didn't follow the guitars but had their own melody lines. This one also had a slightly different lead guitar track. In the end this second version was the one I sent to be used on the episode (due lenght limitations it had to be cut though).

But before sharing the songs with you please note the following: due I only had a few days to create the music for this episode I'm afraid to tell I don't consider it as a full-final version. I had to do my best with the time I had, so I just tried to get something acceptable enough to be used. Even if I got a finished structure for the song (which of course could be improved) the mixing and the mastering had a lot of room for improvement, as I had very little time for them by the time I finished the recording process.

Anyway, here is how the song version used on the episode sounds:

In the case you want to know how the other version sounds (the one with the orchestra following the guitars chords) here it is too, but remember: this one was never used on the show:

Hope you like them!

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