Thursday, February 15, 2007

A new song on the way and other changes

Hi again,

despite I don't post too much that doesn't mean I'm idle :-)

I'm working in a new song these days. Is not really new, because I composed it many years a go (5-10, don't know), but I never recorded it. I like it very much and If someday I forget how to play it I'll kill myself, so to record this one is a must for me :)

It's a song for acoustic guitar, with the style of 'With you in your dreams/Contigo en tus sueƱos', the acoustic song released many months a go. The main guitar track is already recorded, and now I'm working in some strings arrangements and a second guitar.

When I release this song probably I'll back to the composition of orchestral songs. But the recording of this song is something I'm saying I'm going to do from many time a go, so It's the first in the list now :-)

Besides, I'm planning to change the design of this website, and even to release the music under a new name which sonds more professional.

The reasons to do that is quite simple: in the beggining I only released orchestral music with a war movie style, but lately I'm releasing music with other styles (and in the future I'm sure I won't be focused only on that kind of music). So It hasn't sense to keep the website full of that WWII stuff.

On the other hand, Rantam is only my nickname, but during the last months I'm receiving offers of companies which want my music or are asking me to compose for them, so I think it's a good idea to get a better, more professional, name. But I'll give you more details about that soon.

So, please stay tunned to get the new song and more news about the way my music is turning to.

Best regards


Fidelio said...

I´ll be waiting for that new one ... please, let me know ...

Anonymous said...

hey Rantam, remember that tutorial thing you did in November '05? can you tell me what kind of samplers and tools do you use for your own music because im not really that sure

Rantam said...


well, I've used different stuff depending on the song and the time I did it :)

In that tutorial I wrote about some software. This is like play any instrument: you could be a Fender guitars fan but another guy will simply prefer Gibson.

So, some people prefers Cubase to Cakewalk's Sonar, despite both of them can do more or less the same things with the same quality.

I suggest to look for your own preferences. All these brands have released products with high quality, and as I've said your selection will have more to do with your personal preferences than quality differences.

So just take a look and pick your pony! :)