Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Xmas and... a new song!


first of all, Merry Xmas. Finally I finished 'Flying high', the rock song I was working on during the last weeks (may be you heared the sample I posted some weeks a go in my music section).

In the beggining this was planned to be a metal/industrial song (to be part of a extreme sports DVD), but during the composition/recording of the song it turned to a hard rock song with a clear 80s/90s guitarrist song style.

Some changes in the mixing are needed, but it's not an early version anymore. as always, you can listen/download it from here. It's the second one beggining from bottom of the page. Go there and press the 'Hi-Fi' link.

I hope you like it!

Be careful, and don't eat/drink too much during this holidays! :-)

Best regards



Anonymous said...

I agree with you about FH using old era national songs. Rather dull a lot of them, and aren't very emotional. Your current rendition of Britannia is a little... boring, especially compared to the previous British victory song you made, which I found breathtaking.

Better to capture the emotions of battle and be original in my honest opinion.

Rantam said...

Well, that 'British defeat song' was only an early idea, I know it ins't a good song ;)

I only was trying something using some instruments you can identify with UK. Bagpipes, despite are Scottish, identify UK for most of us, and they were used in battles by the UK (scottish divs.) during WWII to improve moral.

Despite that, FH team refused to use bagpipes in UK army defeat/victory songs because are typically scottish :-D

And of course, they argued too that they prefer these old army songs :-)

So, agree with you. Thanks for your comments.