Monday, April 24, 2006

First beta of Britain's victory theme

Here it is!

The first beta of Britain's victory theme for Forgotten Hope 2 mod!

To listen it go HERE and click the 'HI-FI' link of the "Victory theme - Britain - FH2" song. This allows you to listen the song, but if you want to download the MP3 you'll need to create an account (fast & free).

As I've said in my previous post, due the lenght of victory & defeat songs of BF2 this song it's only 20 secs long.

Pipebags has been chosen for the solo melody and there's a military rhythm round it.
What do you think about it?

Thanks and please, give me some feedback!!

I hope you like it. I'll be back soon with new stuff !! :)


Anonymous said...

It sounds very scottish. :)

Rantam said...

Yes, it sounds scotish, I know. Some british guys don't like that scotish taste, but for most of us this song could be a clear tommies' wwii tune.

But I think it won't be the victory british song... FH team seems to prefer some wwii oldie song, so now I'm creating a version of 'Rule Britannia' which is almost finished. Thanks for posting, and stay tunned! ;)